Our History

12 Worlds launched in 2000 to provide expert senior communications and marketing consultancy services for organisations wanting to produce greater business-2-business outcomes. 12 Worlds has delivered integrated branding, content and strategic programmes with a strong creative influence for brands of all sizes, helping them reach their target audiences and navigate the changing dynamics of audience engagement.

About Us

12 Worlds is a communications and marketingconsultancy that specialises predominantly in the Financial Services, Tech and FinTech industries throughout the Asia Pacific. It melds public relations, social media, marketing communications and content creation to deliver the outcomes clients need today. It works in tandem with event planners, lead generators, marketers and social media experts to deliver strategic and integrated programs. 

Established in 2000, 12 Worlds today understands the goals of its clients and also the demands of the media and other industry influencers. Whilst client goals and outcomes have not changed radically, the way way we produce these outcomes certainly has.

With this in mind we offer a combination of traditional communications tools, with new storytelling and communication platform capabilities. We help clients navigate the world of social and online reputation management, news generation in traditional and non-traditional formats and teach them how to manage the new culture of transparency that we are surrounded by.


12 Worlds is passionate about communications. We work closely with our clients on both a retainer and project basis to become your effective outsourced communications and marketing partner.Our tailored programs support your business goals - and we work with all stakeholders to make sure they do!

Content Marketing

Content needs to tell more than a story - it need make an impact for reputation, lead generation and thought leadership perspective . It has never worked harder or been more important. 12 Worlds can design, develop and execute content marketing programs.

Media Relations

The news cycle doesn't stop, so how do you engage?The right content and conversations have never been more important with media. The news cycle has been impacted  by social media and the demands of a busy newsroom. We work with media to deliver news and build relationships and outcomes that benefit all parties.

Brand & Reputation

In a world where buying decisions are based on messages sourced from traditional channels and non-traditional channels such as social media, brand values are more important than ever. We live in a highly transparent, vocal and influential business world where decisions are made purely on brand equity. Today brand is king.

Creative Planning

How does your brand stand out from the rest in the most efficient and cost-effective manner? Tied-messaging and upscaling announcements with promotional content is one way, but how do you dig deep on those key client and influencer relationships? 12 Worlds has extensive success in piercing the mundane and has built a reputation on delivering the unique. Big ideas are our thing.


12 Worlds work closely with clients to develop and implement strategic integrated communications programs - from content to lead generation programs. Here is a small sample of recent work we are proud of.


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